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Our Light In Places Of Darkness

When we spend a long period of time in the dark, our eyes adjust to it. In this same way, when we spend long periods of time in emotional darkness, we adjust. When we then step into light, it can hurt our eyes, as we are not used to it. Now this is not a reflection of the light itself, as light is not bad or dangerous, instead it is a reflection of our own circumstances, a reflection of what we have allowed ourselves to get used to.

In this same way, if we have gotten used to not shining, and hiding ourselves, when we then see someone who allows themselves to shine their light, it may hurt us, not because the person shining their light is hurting us, but because their light is just highlighting the ways in which we have deprived ourselves of shining. If you feel this way today I want to reassure you that we are all worthy of shining our light and no ones light fundamentally outshines anyone else's, as we all have the potential to shine as bright as each other. Trust in your light and it's beautiful unique qualities.




We believe that we are more alike than we are different. Each and every one of us is worthy of love, belonging, empowerment and equality. We believe in supporting each other as one, whilst celebrating and acknowledging what also makes us unique.

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