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Worry Ends When Faith Begins

You don’t need to believe in god yourself or a higher power to have faith, we can also have faith in ourselves, although that is more challenging, because at the end of the day, we as humans are all flawed. We will make mistakes and we are not immune to feelings of letting others or ourselves down from time to time. But despite what we may be going through, it is still possible to have faith that we will find the answer, faith that we will survive the challenge, faith that we will continue to grow, learn, try harder and do better. Because we are still here. Every challenge we have ever faced, we have overcome. So by nature of this proof that we can do it, we can also do it again, we can have faith in that.

One of the greatest things standing in the way of our growth however, is worry. Whether we worry what others think, worry about failure, what if, sometimes we can’t even pin point our worry, we just worry. But when you think about it, worry can’t actually change anything, only action can. Yet worrying can be so debilitating, we can get so consumed with worry that we end up standing still unable to move forward on the path that is actually meant for us. And this is where faith comes in, because faith enables, motivates, inspires! When we have faith, worry can’t survive. Faith aligns us with conviction and certainty of beautiful potential and enables us to move with power, strength and love. Faith is powerful. And with certainty, worry ends when Faith begins.




We believe that we are more alike than we are different. Each and every one of us is worthy of love, belonging, empowerment and equality. We believe in supporting each other as one, whilst celebrating and acknowledging what also makes us unique.

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