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Closure Starts With Us

When we think about closure we usually think about a conversation with another person. Although it is possible to get closure this way, it is not guaranteed, as it usually depends on that person being willing to or able to have a conversation, to listen, to understand, and to respond in a way that feels healing.

So if you see closure this way you will always depend on another person to give you what you need, you will always be at another’s mercy before you can begin your own healing. But it is absolutely possible to find closure without the involvement of anyone else. After all, closure simply means to close something, to find a way to be at peace with something so we can move on.

Closure can simply mean forgiving the other person, to reflect on ones own actions and mistakes and make peace with them, to learn from as many lessons as we can and to move forward taking comfort that we tried our best, and where we felt we didn’t do our best, we can take comfort knowing we can try better next time.

Closure begins with us and our willingness and ability to love ourselves. So don’t wait on the other person to give us what we think we need from them, we can simply give ourselves what we need, after all, we are the best person for it, for only we truly know what it is that we need.




We believe that we are more alike than we are different. Each and every one of us is worthy of love, belonging, empowerment and equality. We believe in supporting each other as one, whilst celebrating and acknowledging what also makes us unique.

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