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To Heal Yourself Is To Love Yourself

Making the choice to confront the parts of ourselves that need healing is one of the greatest commitments we can make to ourselves. It is one of the greatest acts of self love. Because to heal we must not only accept our current state but love ourselves through the flaws, the fears and the bad habits, we must love ourselves consistently and tirelessly throughout the healing process so that self reflection doesn’t turn to self hatred. We must be patient with ourselves, forgive ourselves and at the same time trust ourselves. We must believe in ourselves, encourage ourselves, motivate and celebrate ourselves as we guide ourselves through self reflection and will almost definitely stumble upon aspects of ourselves we may not have made peace with yet. To commit to our healing is to commit to loving ourselves, because without love, healing can rarely take place.



We believe that we are more alike than we are different. Each and every one of us is worthy of love, belonging, empowerment and equality. We believe in supporting each other as one, whilst celebrating and acknowledging what also makes us unique.

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